we make things look good
we make things look good
We produce high-quality, visual content from our point of view to promote your brand to our established following.
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Outsource your next visual campaign to us!  Let us produce engaging visual imagery to make your brand look good.
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Leverage our reach — we produce high-quality, authentic content to promote your brand / products to our established following.

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Content Creation

Leverage our talented team — outsource your next visual campaign or project to us! We can produce engaging imagery that makes your brand look good ;)

We offer the following creative services: 

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Influencers + Creators

WE THE BIRDS is a lifestyle brand founded by sisters, Sarah and Natalie Knowlton. Our platform is a trusted source of inspiration in the digital community. As influencers, we share all aspects of life including our personal style, beauty regimens, travels and home design. In addition, we have transformed our love for making French macarons into an online macaron bakery.

Sarah's professional background, with industry experience in fashion, graphic design and photography combined with Natalie's innate creativity sets us apart from our competition. Everything you see, click or like on WE THE BIRDS has been produced in-house under Sarah's creative direction. Our team's collective abilities, global point of view and unique skillsets have allowed WE THE BIRDS to evolve into more than just a blog... 

In response to rising demand for content produced by WE THE BIRDS, we have carefully cultivated & trained a small team of talented creative professionals allowing us to offer comprehensive creative services to our partners.

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2 for 1

Sarah and Natalie are 2 unique individuals sharing their opinions on 1 platform

Point of View

As digital influencers AND small business owners, our personal and professional lives are rooted in social media. We have our finger on "the pulse" which gives us the ability to understand the perspective of both consumers and marketers.


We style in a way that presents products as both approachable & desirable. We always aim to strike the balance between the ordinary & the fantastic— between editorial & commercial— between inspiration and reality.


Our content is specially designed to feature your product against the backdrop of every day life. Our aesthetic is overwhelmingly minimalistic— we strategically de-clutter our environment to funnel focused attention on the product.


High-quality content helps your customers understand and engage with your product/brand, increases your online reputation and generates more leads. We are proud to produce high-quality assets for every project.

Our Team

Our small team is comprised of devoted creatives who possess the following skills:

images showing products in real-life situations perform

170% higher

than images showing products in generic backgrounds

(source Pinterest)


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