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I turned 29 this year and one of my biggest takeaways from my 20's is that life doesn't happen on our time. IF life did go according to my plan, I'd probably be married, living in my first "real home" with my husband, and our business would be double its size right now. In the last 9 years, I've come to realize that I can't control every aspect of my life. In fact, the only thing I can guarantee to have control over is my mindset.

So, how does this relate to my bedroom makeover?

The Problem:

[aka my circumstances]

My bedroom (and I have) been in a state of limbo for years. I currently live with Sarah and her husband, Thomas. When I moved in with them, I never fully unpacked my belongings or spent time decorating my bedroom because after all, it was only a temporary move while Sarah and I got WE THE BIRDS off the ground. That was two years ago. Two years of temporary. Two years of neglecting the state of my living situation. What's worse is that my bedroom hasn't just stayed the same over the years, it has actually deteriorated.  What could once pass as an eclectic, slightly-unfinished room, has become a seriously disheveled mess. To top it off - every time Sarah has a new design idea for common areas of the house, her solution is to cram all of my furniture into my tiny bedroom (seriously... look at the before pics below). The worse my room looked, the more anxious I felt about my impending future. I became frustrated at life for not going according to my plans. Instead of focusing on all the things I have and living in the present, I found myself looking to a future that is no where in sight. It's no wonder I've felt like I've been in limbo for the past two years. I have literally and figuratively been unsettled.

The Solution:

I understand that I can't change all of my circumstances at the moment (for a slew of reasons), but I've finally realized that I do have the power to change my mindset. I can control whether or not I make the best of my living situation right now. This simple shift in my mindset came in February – around the same time we started on a new project with our longterm partner, Overstock.  With the help of Overstock and their quality vendors, I was given the opportunity to re-design my bedroom.  

Design Goals:

  • Make my current bedroom a happy place. A sanctuary. A place of restoration and peace....
  • Materials: Natural wood, brass and tarnished silver metals, black velvet, acrylic, white linen
  • Colors: Natural wood, white, grey, black, silver, brass, green
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