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Do you have items on your bucket-list that you subconsciously put off to the side, knowing they will likely remain dreams?  I call this sub-category my dream list; it’s for the ultra-far-reaching, highly unlikely things that I probably won't get the chance to do in this lifetime.

Staying at the iconic Bvlgari Hotel in Milan was on my dream list. My boyfriend (Bryan) and I visited Milan for the first time last summer with his family and fell hard for the city and even harder for The Bvlgari Hotel.  Although we didn’t stay there, Bryan's dad (who I refer to as Mr. GQ - he's always in the know, very stylish, and appreciates the finer things in life) could hardly wait to take us to the exclusive Bvlgari Bar.  He assured us it was the “handsomest hotel bar” he’d ever seen with the “best gin selection in Milan."   We didn’t need any convincing though.  We both knew that anything Bvlgari put it’s name on was going to be exceptional.  His dad was right.

Fast forward 6 months.  Bryan and I received an invitation for a friend's wedding that would be held in Italy this summer.  We had dreamt of the day we'd have a reason to return to Italy and revisit Milan.  We didn't imagine it coming quite so soon, but we started budgeting and working with my friend, who is a luxury travel specialist, to plan our Italian adventure.  Without prompting, she recommended The Bvlgari Hotel for our 2-night stay in Milan. Without pause, we booked our dream destination.


Tucked away just a block off Milan’s most fashionable street, Montenapoleone, you enter a private path where the city noise starts to dissipate and your senses are heightened. The serene walk leading up to the hotel prepares you for what you’re about to experience. The Bvlgari Hotel Milano is an 18th-century Milanese palazzo that's been artfully restored to it's contemporary white and black marble facade you see today. Other than white, black and the surrounding green gardens and tropical palms – the only other color you might spot is a red Ferrari parked out front.  In true Bvlgari form, the hotel exudes sophistication and elegance in it's sleek, simplistic design.  As you make your way inside the hotel, you're warmly greeted and guided to your room through the sleek lounge area featuring Bvlgari jewels, framed art, and a black Zimbabwe granite fireplace that is not to be missed!


The rooms are harmoniously designed with luxury and comfort in every detail.  We stayed in a Superior Suite on the first floor, one of 58 rooms inside the hotel.  The three-part suite shares a long glass window that connects each room with a landscape view of the private gardens.  The sleek foyer (with a hidden second bathroom) leads you into the spacious living room adorned with Bvlgari art, books, copacetic interior finishes, and a large tv.  As you pass through a bronze mesh screen, you enter the bedroom featuring a luxurious king-size bed and walk-in closet.  The final bronze screen leads you to the grand bathroom.  The bathroom feels like a suite of its own, with a stand-alone jacuzzi in the center, large walk in shower, marble counter tops, and walk-in bathroom. We found it hard to leave the hotel room. It became our little sanctuary and retreat from Milan's fast pace.


The bar is a place where hotel guests and in-the-know Milanese convene for exceptional aperitifs, fine snacks, and exclusive conversation. You can choose to sit outside in the garden terrace or inside at the large oval shaped bar made out of Zimbabwe black resin. The gin selection and drink menu is truly impressive. If you can't decide on a cocktail from their masterfully curated menu, I encourage you to tell the bartenders what you like and let them work their magic!


While some know Bvlgari for it's perfume, others for its jewels worn by some of the most influential figures and iconic Hollywood names, and still others for its hotels, we all know Bvlgari for its elegance.  The Bvlgari Hotel Milano deserves to be on everyone's bucket-list or dream list. Don't just take my word for it....

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‍The Bvlgari Lounge
Daily fresh fruit delivered to our room (everything in Italy tastes better)
Spacious living room in the Superior Suite
Coffee on our private balcony overlooking the lush green garden. Most serene way to start the day.
Jacuzzi of my dreams with an all-natural sea sponge
Framed sketch of iconic Bvlgari jewels hanging in the bathroom
Fresh green juice and in-room breakfast
The Bvlgari Bar - gin cocktail with a dash of bitters, lime, and rosemary sprig garnish

Gluten-free salmon and avocado toast for breakfast
The Lounge

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A huge thank you to The Bvlgari Hotel Milano for hosting my stay.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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