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REAL TALK: No one is immune to the effects of cellulite, no matter how fit / thin you are. I've done A LOT of reading about cellulite in the past year. Here are some of the things I've learned:

Cellulite is a female problem and not necessarily a "fat problem."
Cellulite affects nearly 90% of women at some point during their lives, even women who are otherwise slender and fit.
Many things can affect and cause cellulite from age, hormones, genetics, exercise habits, diet... the list goes on. 
Weight loss and exercise can help improve the appearance of cellulite. 
Non-invasive treatments, such as laser and radio-frequency systems and massage techniques, really do work. These treatments are proven to improve and combat cellulite when repeated regularly.

[Read more cellulite facts vs myths here]

All this to say, I am living proof that cellulite is not actually a "fat problem." In fact, I have always been quite thin. Yet cellulite has been slowly creeping up on me for years (which isn't that surprising to me since I've spent most of my THIRTY years on this planet being about as active as a sloth). I had known cellulite was starting to take over my legs since I turned 25, but it had been kind of easy to conceal and it wasn't noticeable enough to motivate me to make any life changes to address the issue. Then all the sudden, last summer (before my 30th birthday), I was wearing shorts and caught a glimpse of my legs in a mirror and BOOM — visible dimples. Not to be dramatic, but I had NO idea how to go about combatting the war that cellulite was waging on my legs...I could see that I was quickly losing the war and cellulite was taking my legs hostage!!!! 

Up until January 3, 2018, my exercise habits have been.. not great (and by "not great" I mean borderline "nonexistent"). I've known, on some level, that I would eventually need to start working exercise into my life as a I get older... that's just logic. However, everything I've learned about cellulite makes it pretty damn clear that even the most fit women fall victim to cellulite. 

Soooo, like I do with most of my aging questions, I took my woes to the professionals at Enlighten MD. After taking a look at my legs, Channing Bartee told me that there IS a treatment that could help me fight off the cellulite. Channing, who is a Certified AestheticianLaser/CoolSculpting Technician, explained that the PelleFirm treatment would definitely reduce the appearance of cellulite on my legs (as well as tighten & smooth the skin as an added bonus). She also explained that since I am at the beginning phases of "cellulite takeover," I would likely get some great results that would help to jumpstart my journey to have my "BEST BOD AT 30" (more on that later). I immediately booked my first appointment!

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The Science

PelleFirm is a radio-frequency treatment for the body that heats target areas to a specific temperature while a mechanical massage heads break down the fat cells that cause the appearance of cellulite. This process creates a reaction to stimulate collagen production under the skin, creating smooth and younger looking skin with a reduced appearance of cellulite.

The Procedure

Channing suggested that we start with 6 PelleFirm treatment sessions to obtain optimal results. The sessions themselves take about an hour and a half and must be spread out 3 weeks apart. In total, it took about 6 months to complete my treatment. Channing was very upfront with me about the fact that I likely wouldn't see results until after the last session. She was RIGHT. This is not a "quick fix" procedure... you definitely need to dedicate to going to every session and do NOT get discouraged. I truly didn't notice much until the last session and suddenly, I looked in the mirror and saw the change!

We focused on my biggest problem areas — upper leg (thigh/butt). I can't even begin to describe how EASY and PAINLESS this procedure is. It almost made me wonder how results are possible!! The PelleFirm wand basically uses heat to deeply massage the tissue, which will result in more blood flow and reduce the appearance of cellulite. So basically, I was getting a heat blasted leg massage. Sometimes I would fall asleep in my sessions (which is an amazing break from the daily grind of owning a small business)! I'd like to add that Channing, the technician, is an absolute JOY to work with and be around. In fact, we became quite good friends over the course of the treatment (I saw her about once a month for 6 months). She is extremely knowledgeable about the procedure and genuinely cares about the results.


Final Thoughts

I know that my results are very real and the PelleFirm treatment has made a huge difference in the appearance of my legs. I am looking forward to summer 2018 because I can wear shorts and bathing suits confidently again!

I realize that my results may seem small and possibly insignificant (especially if your cellulite is more noticeable than mine) — but think about it this way — if PelleFirm could take my small amount of cellulite and smooth it out so nicely, imagine what it can do for someone with even MORE noticeable cellulite! Channing taught me that "more noticeable cellulite means, more noticeable results." Take a look at more before/after pics here.

If I've learned anything about cellulite, its that it is merciless — even when you think you've won the war, it comes back with a freaking vengeance. Healthy diet and exercise will always be the natural cellulite busters (and I am working diligently on that). That said, I'm thankful to know that there are treatments like #PelleFirm to help combat cellulite along the way! And as always, I am grateful to have the experts at Enlighten MD to guide me as I *attempt* to age gracefully ;)



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PelleFirm Treatment courtesy of Enlighten MD

Technician: Channing Bartree

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