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We the Birds

Tip #1

Define & Concept

Take some time to iron out the details for the project. We always have a mini brainstorm sesh before we begin creating. Write down the project details and all of your ideas on paper, so you can plan out your photo shoot:

  • What is the brand's goal?
  • What is the subject matter? (product)
  • What is the creative concept?
  • What kind of shots do we want to capture? (video? stills? Insta-story?)
  • Plan out your photoshoot

Tip #2

Post-Production: Compose & Crop Images

After you've shot your images, the post-production process begins. We encourage you to find and create your own style / aesthetic for your images. The last step of the post-production process is KEY for producing high-quality content across all platforms. We always crop our images appropriately for the platforms we use most:

  • Instagram: square (or vertical)
  • Blog: horizontal

Cropping gives us the opportunity to re-compose the image. Sometimes a raw image may seem boring as-is, but cropping in on a certain part can make the final image a winner!

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