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Microblading is a serious buzz word right now... If you don't know what I'm talking about (but seriously how do you not know???), then keep reading because you need to come into the light. I will call you the "what is microblading" girl). For those who already live in the light and have a vague awareness that there is a crazy thing called "microblading" taking over the beauty world, then I'm sure you've seen before/after pictures plastered all over Instagram. Maybe you've found yourself perusing the depths of the #microblading hashtag, just because its 2am and you're secretly curious about this eyebrow tattoo situation. I'll call you the "curious" girl). Or maybe you're the master of drawing your own brows and spend upwards of 30 minutes every morning getting your brows to be on perfect fleek.  My BFF is the "eyebrows on fleek" girl so I learned about microblading through her (thank you Lily for bringing me into the light).

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What IS Microblading?

Microblading is a manual "hand" method of permanent cosmetics for your eyebrows which creates extremely fine natural looking hair strokes. The results? Perfectly natural looking, thick, full brows. 

Background Story:

Okay so here's the deal — I have never been the "eyebrows on fleek" girl. I am admittedly not great at make up. My morning routine consists of throwing my NYX BB cream all over my face, sometimes black mascara & liner and ALWAYS always always lipstick. Five years ago, when I became friends with Lily (my bestie mentioned earlier, aka the "eyebrows on fleek" girl), I learned that filling in my brows actually makes a big difference. I now fully understand that my eyes look a million times prettier when my brows are filled in and slightly darker than my natural shade. BUT the truth is, I always struggled to achieve nicely filled-in brows on the daily because... as we've established, I generally suck at makeup. So when Lily got her eyebrows microbladed a few months ago, I started to think about it A LOT, could this be the perfect solution for a girl who doesn't know how to do her own brows? (HINT: the answer is yes).

Finding the right microblading expert:

When Nat and I had our initial consultation with Kari at Enlighten MD, one of the first things she mentioned was that they are obsessed with microblading at their office. My interest was immediately peaked. I started stalking their resident microblading guru, Amber (@cateyesandbangs) via instagram. The one thing that held me back from doing microblading was the fear of going to the wrong person. Like any procedure, some estheticians are just better than others (you will notice this when you start going to the depths of the #microblading hashtag). Can you imagine getting a tattoo on your FACE and hating it? Microblading can last anywhere from 18-24 months! So needless to say, you need to find someone reallyyyy freaking good. Lucky for you, I did my homework and I can honestly say that Amber has major skills.

The Procedure:

When I arrived at Enlighten MD for my appointment, they put numbing cream on my brows and I sat (in their badass lifestyle boutique) for about 40 minutes to let the numbing cream set in. Note: you WANT to be numbed for this procedure! Amber then brought me into her "brow lair" and we talked about my brows. I explained everything I've explained above and told her that the main thing I wanted was to keep my "whispy" looking brow shape. She was ALL about it and we totally agreed on a plan of action. I felt immediately assured that she understood my concerns! I definitely felt the first 10 strokes she made on each brow. But the cool thing is, the ink she uses also has numbing properties so by the 10th stroke I couldn't feel anything! About two hours later, I emerged with brows on freaking FLEEK and also a ridiculous girl crush on Amber herself (don't be alarmed if this happens to you too... cool doesn't begin to describe this chick).

The Verdict:

Whoever you are... the "what is microblading" girl, the "secretly curious" girl or the "brows on fleek" girl — I can honestly say, we ALL would look better with microbladed brows. If you are lucky enough to live in the DFW area, Amber at Enlighten MD is your girl.

Before & After:

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Microblading by Amber Garton at Enlighten MD

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