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Lavender Macaron painting by Color Snack

Watch and learn, lovers...
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Color Snack is an online resource for artists & creatives, specifically geared towards teaching techniques for painting with watercolors. Founded by a lovely woman named, Volta, she consistently produces colorful paintings and video content while sharing her tips and tutorials (check out her 1 minute tutorials here).

We've had a lot of exposure to watercolor painting in our lives (our mother is an artist and watercolors are her preferred medium). We've always been amazed by the fact that 2 different people can pick up the SAME paint brushes and the SAME tubes of paint and somehow end up with 2 completely UNIQUE pieces of art. This is because there are endless styles and techniques, depending on who is holding the paint brush! Thus, we are all artists! This is something Volta believes strongly and is the backbone of her Color Snack Creative School.

Volta's painting style is colorful, whimsical and she has a thing for pretty FOOD.

We've been mutually following each other on Instagram for a while, developing a friendship over the interwebs. Volta, recently ordered a box of our Monochrome Macarons so we were able to connect IRL. She surprised us with this AMAZING watercolor painting of our Lavender Rosemary Macaron.

...prepare to be mesmerized......

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Painting & Video by Color Snack

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We the Birds

Sisters, Sarah + Natalie Knowlton, are the founders of WE THE BIRDS — a lifestyle brand and luxury French macaron bakery. We grew up living all over the world, moving over 17 times and living in many countries including: Singapore, Australia, Venezuela, Cambodia, Thailand, France and of course, the US of A.  Our personal style and global perspective is a reflection of our transient upbringing. 

WE THE BIRDS, founded on our shared love of fashion, design, travel and French macarons, houses two businesses: WE THE BIRDS | Studio and WE THE BIRDS | Macarons. Sarah’s professional background (with industry experience in fashion, graphic design, & photography) combined with Natalie’s culinary prowess and professional business experience sets us apart from our competitors and makes us a uniquely dynamic duo.

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