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Part 1

Home Reno: Interior Reveal

Our fully renovated and decorated house, featuring the coolest pieces from Overstock
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Partnering with Overstock to decorate our newly renovated house was probably the most exciting part of our home reno project! In case you missed it, you can catch a glimpse of the construction process here. I had pulled all of this amazing inspiration (see my design process here) but up until this point, my furniture collection was just a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs and weird garage sale finds. The newly renovated space would have looked fine with my old furniture, but it wouldn't have done the sleek new space any justice. Plus, unintentional furniture in an intentional new space just doesn't feel right. All this to say, amidst the renovation, I took the opportunity to purge and revamp my home decor, sourcing largely from Overstock! We had a few pieces that we wanted to hold onto, so we mixed in new pieces with the old. The result? A fresh, inviting, modern-eclectic vibe. I am excited to share the interior of our little NEST with you all. We (me, my husband and Nat) absolutely love our new home.

If you’ve read the Home Reno: Design post, then you already know how much I love Overstock and all the reasons why it’s the best one-stop-shop for all things home (and lots of other things too). If you haven’t read the aforementioned post, here are the cliff notes:

Why Overstock is the best:

  • Extensive product inventory — You can find EVERYTHING on Overstock (from hardware, to furniture, to organization solutions and even electronics...) In fact, I dare you to source ALL of your home/office/decor needs from Overstock alone... trust... it can be done ;) 
  • Time-Saving Filtering — Shop for what you need when you need it - I did most of our shopping this way. For example, when it was time to pick out hardware, I filtered the kitchen faucets category by color ‘black’; or when we needed to pick out lighting, we filtered pendant lights by color ‘black’; or when I knew we needed a white leather sectional for the living room, we filtered the sofa category by color ‘white’ and material ‘leather’ 
  • Wishlists — I like to look at all of my options and then narrow down from there. I use the heck out of Wishlists, so I can save all my selections in one place, visually compare and then easily add to cart when I’m ready to buy. 
  • Browse by Style — I did this a lot when I was looking for ideas... sometimes you don’t know what you need until you see it ;)
  • Great Prices — I always look for the best prices online (because who wants to pay more if you don’t have to) and Overstock usually beats everyone. Plus, they run promotions constantly, so you always feel like you’re getting a deal (because you are).
  • The app is amazing — Being a web designer, I really appreciate things like high-functioning apps and user-friendly shopping experiences. I browse the Overstock app almost as much as I browse Pinterest... that’s saying something...

TIPS for decorating an open concept:

  • Make an inspiration board — Find images of spaces and decor ideas you like (see our moodboard for the home reno project here)
  • Define your color palette — This is actually insanely helpful and will ultimately make your space feel cohesive and well-designed. Plus this narrows down your options! 
  • Define the space(s) — Decorating an open concept can be a challenge - figure out how you need each space to function (i.e. a living room, a dining room, eat-in kitchen countertop). Doing this will help you figure out what kind of furniture you need!
  • Shop Online — Make a wishlist on Overstock for the project and go crazy saving anything and everything that strikes your fancy... you can narrow down later!
  • Choose your anchor piece — Every room should have a large piece that anchors the design. Find the big items first (sofa, table, etc)... I try to pick neutral anchor pieces because these items tend to be the most expensive and I’d rather not go trendy on the expensive piece ;) although... I’m not against a statement anchor piece... if you love it, you love it!
  • Choose your secondary pieces — Build around the anchor piece - I like to have some fun with smaller pieces because they are easier to change when I (inevitably) change my mind (i.e. colorful chairs, unique side tables, unique artwork)
  • Check Dimensions — IMPORTANT.. Measure everything and double check dimensions to verify that the product will actually fit in your space.

Without further ado, we are so excited to reveal our newly renovated & decorated home featuring all the cool pieces we found on Overstock! This post focuses on the main room— an open-concept living/dining/kitchen space. I've also included some shots of the master bathroom because its one of my favorite parts of the house! Our bedrooms are still a work in progress...

Scroll scroll scroll! Links to shop all Overstock products at the bottom of the post :)

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White Leather Bench/Ottoman
Cordless Cellular Shades
White Leather Bench/Ottoman | White Leather Sectional | Gold Accent Table
White Leather Bench/Ottoman | White Leather Sectional
White Leather Bench/Ottoman
Cordless Cellular Shades
Cordless Cellular Shades
White Leather Sectional | Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant | High-Back Dining Chair
White Leather Sectional | High-back Dining Chairs | Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant | Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet | Hanging Bulb Pendant Lights
Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant | High-Back Dining ChairMarble TV Trays
Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant | High-Back Dining Chair | Marble TV Trays
Silk Plant | High-Back Dining Chair
Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant | Marble TV Trays | White Leather Sectional
High-Back Dining Chairs | Natural Wood Swivel Stools
High-Back Dining Chairs | Gold Accent Table
Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant | High-Back Dining Chair
Natural Wood Swivel Stools | Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet | Hanging Bulb Pendant Lights
High-Back Dining Chair | Natural Wood Swivel Stools | Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetHanging Bulb Pendant Lights
Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet | Natural Wood Swivel Stools
Natural Wood Swivel Stools | High-Back Dining Chairs | Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet | Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant
Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetHigh-Back Dining ChairsHanging Bulb Pendant LightsNatural Wood Swivel Stools
Natural Wood Swivel Stools
Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant
Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet | Three-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant
Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Master Bathroom

Black Oval Mirror | White Oval Sink
Black Oval Mirror
Black Oval Mirror | White Oval Sink | Freestanding Bathtub

Laundry Hamper | Natural Wood Swivel StoolsThree-Tier Plant Stand | Silk Plant


This post is sponsored by Overstock. All opinions are our own. We partner with brands we truly love, so thank you for reading and helping us support them!

Special Shout-outs:

Thomas — thank you for making this weird little house into our dream house. Without you and your major construction experience, this house would still look like a crackhouse.. and we would not be living here..

Mom — thank you for finding this cute little house! If you hadn't stumbled upon the house for sale in our neighborhood, we wouldn't even be writing this post! Thank you for the hours of manual labor, emotional support and design advice throughout this project. And last but NOT LEAST, your interior design skills and ideas made this project 10x better than what I would have done on my own! I am so grateful for your good taste, your designer eye and your willingness to push creative boundaries.

Dad — thank you for coming to Dallas almost every weekend from Jan - April to help us during the renovation phase. Thank you for building all of our vanities for us (which saved us lots of money). AND last but NOT LEAST (arguably most important), thank you for making the stunning wooden pendant lights. My obsession with these pendants became your obsession. Thank you for the hours and insane amounts of labor that went into making them from scratch!


Silk Plant | Overstock

White Leather Bench/Ottoman | Overstock

White Leather Sofa | Overstock

Gold Accent Table | Overstock

Marble TV Trays | Overstock

Cordless Cellular Shades | Overstock

Black Plant Tiers | Overstock

Plant | Overstock

Black Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet | Overstock

Hanging Bulb Pendant Lights | Overstock

Natural Wood Swivel Stool | Overstock

Black High-Back Dining Chairs | Overstock

Black Oval Mirror | Overstock

White Oval Sink | Overstock

Freestanding Bathtub | Overstock

Laundry Hamper | Overstock

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