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Transforming this new house into our "home"
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Natalie currently lives with me and my husband, in our newly renovated house (this is the first house we've ever owned and also the first house we've ever renovated... more on that later). Overall, Natalie and I have different senses of style, but we do have similar taste. We would both describe our home decor style as "eclectic with a global twist." We love to collect pieces from our travels and use these pieces to decorate our home. Otherwise, Natalie tends to be more of a minimalist and I tend to be more of a hoarder... Our home is a reflection of who we are, our personal style and our story.

My home decor aesthetic mimics my personal style. I like to wear understated clothing, so I can play around with bold shoes and ridiculous accessories. I applied this same concept to the overall design of the house. The visual theme is white + black + accents of natural wood & plants. I wanted to give our home a simple and understated backdrop so that we could have fun with decor as our style inevitably evolves and changes. For example, I'm currently having a pink moment— I've been on the hunt to find the coolest pink accents for the house BUT I realize that this pink phase will probably end in a few months.. I definitely wouldn't want pink walls or pink cabinets... I'm sure you get my point... decor is the place to take risks, have fun and really express yourself! 

So after finishing the reno and moving into our house, we hit up Pier 1 (at the Galleria) to find some new pieces to update and add to our existing decor. Pier 1 is all about helping you find the thing(s) that make your home a reflection of who you are. If you haven't been to Pier 1 lately, you NEED to make a trip over to your nearest store to check out their new in-store experience— you won't be disappointed!

Scroll down to see how we've incorporated these pieces from Pier 1 into our new home!

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The Buddha Head Planter

This wall of floating shelves and herringbone tile backsplash is the statement in our kitchen. I really want to find items that reflect our style to display on these shelves. This Buddha Head Planter spoke to me immediately. We always like to have a Buddha in our house— its a nod to the time we spent in Southeast Asia.

Small Wood-Foliage Arrangement

Works perfectly as "hair" for the Buddha Head Planter  ;)

Black Triangle Lantern

with faux succulent decorative sphere

The (faux) Succulents

We've placed these all over the place— they are perfect little moments that tie into the green/turquoise elements in our home.

More faux succulents:

Copper Hammer Charger & Coral Acrylic Drinkwear

These coral (pink) glasses are unbreakable! Most people would probably use them outdoors, but I'm advocating to use them indoors at our house to ensure that Natalie won't break any more of my glasses ;)

Coral Acrylic Drinkwear:

The Flamingo

We've named him Herman. I had to have him...

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