Curated Ear Piercings

We got our ears pierced by the super talented, Matt Mayfield
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CONFESSION: The last time I got my ears pierced, I went to Claire's at the mall... it was probably 1999 and I was13 years old, feeling pretty rebellious for getting a second piercing on both lobes without my parents knowing. #savage

Nostalgia aside, Claire's did a heinous job of piercing my lobes and it honestly scared me away from getting any more piercings for literally 15 years (yes, I'm old). Nonetheless, I've been eyeing the "curated ear" trend some time... I found myself wasting countless hours scrolling mindlessly through Pinterest, admiring perfectly-styled ears showcasing multiple piercings (aka "ear party'). Pretty soon, I had convinced myself it was time to design my own "earful."

I did some hashtag digging which miraculously led me to Matt Mayfield's beautiful (and professional) insta-feed. I took one look at his feed and knew I had found my guy. Matt is an artist, an expert at his craft and FULLY understands trending aesthetics.

We worked together to design my own personalized piercing map (see my before and afters below). I really love the idea of small, ear hugging hoops, so we went with a cluster of 3 on my side cartilage AND threw in the daith piercing for good measure. The daith piercing is rumored to help relieve headaches/migraines for some people (its a pressure-point thing). Since I like the way it looks and I suffer from chronic headaches, I figured why not! Matt agreed. I convinced Nat to get a few fun piercings too! Check out our before/after pics below :)

Daith/Migraine Update: Its only been a few weeks since my piercing but I want to note that I've had less headaches than normal. Will talk more about this when I have more time/data to prove effectiveness ;)


Matt is currently located at Holdfast Tattoos on Greenville

IMPORTANT: Matt is moving to Brooklyn at the end of this month, so if you want to catch him in Dallas, make an appointment now!

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