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Macarons for the Chanel Lover

Capturing the essence of Chanel in macaron form
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Custom Macarons by WE THE BIRDS

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Natalie is an innately creative, gluten-free "foodie". Prior to co-founding WE THE BIRDS, her professional experience was in the accounting/finance industry. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, she fell in love with French macarons because they are a naturally, gluten-free dessert. She spent several years mastering the art of making macarons and developing her own unique recipe. Natalie fancies herself more of a cook, than a baker (since her baking prowess does not expand much further than macarons). Nonetheless, Natalie is the founder and creator of WE THE BIRDS | Macarons recipe and is known for her knack for creating innovative flavor profiles. In her role as Macaron Director, she leads our kitchen and talented team of bakers.


BA International Business; Asian Studies Minor
College of Charleston, 2012

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