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Hair & Make Up details from our February Editorial
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The Glam Look

Nat rocked big side-swept curls for this look. Stephen styled her hair by applying old-fashioned Hollywood waves and then parted it over her right shoulder. She made the look a bit more laidback with some loose hair on her left side. This is a great look for anyone trying to go for a '60s glam vibe.

The Girly Look

Nat's hair is more casual in this look. Stephen started with the waves from the pervious look and brushed them out to create a beachy/messy look. This hairstyle is super easy to recreate with a curling iron and some texturizing spray. 

Pro Tip: we recommend Tigi Catwalk Texturising Salt Spray.

The Sultry Look

To compliment the sexy kimono dress, Stephen pulled Nat's hair back into a messy chignon bun with lots of loose hair. This is the perfect treatment for hair that's a couple days dirty ;) If you're looking for an effortless style that still looks like you tried, this is a great choice.

Pro-Tip: We recommend Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo

The Vampire Look

Short hair can sometimes be limiting when it comes to hair styling. For this lace look, Sarah envisioned some major curls. Stephen first parted Sarah's hair to the side. Then he curled all of her hair super tight with a small curling iron. He sprayed it and then waited about 15 minutes to let it "set". Then, he brushed it out with a paddle brush. Et Voila, here's the result. This was the perfect style for the girly lace dress and black OTK boots.

The Wild Loo... aka Medusa

This hairstyle was a natural progression from the previous "vampire look". Sarah REALLY wanted to make her hair crazy and wild... So Stephen brushed out the tight curls for a messy, "lived-in" look. We LOVED the combination of the "undone" hair with a sexy slip dress. If you ever want to tone down an outfit, opt for looser hair for a more casual vibe.

Sarah's Note: 

This is probably my favorite hair look ever...I wish my hair looked like this every day!

The Flapper Look

Utilizing the wave that was already in Sarah's hair from the previous looks, Stephen used a sculpting product to shape the waves into a "finger wave" pattern. We wanted to create a visually curvy hairstyle as a juxtaposition to the lines of the dress. The result was a structural masterpiece reminiscent of a flapper girl in the roaring 20's. Please take a moment to appreciate the shape of the back of the hair! So dramatic...

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French Macarons by WE THE BIRDS

Hair by Stephen Jaime

Make up by Sharayah Lee

Clothes | Esther Penn (Dallas)

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