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I'm taking health and fitness seriously now... because I'm tired of being weak
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Confession: I'm not much of an athlete. I swear, I had knee surgery in like 8th grade and retired from all sports at that exact moment. I've spent the past 15 or so years being pretty freaking unhealthy. BUT for the first time in life... I am taking that "new year, new me" motto seriously. I REALLY want to get FIT in 2018! Nat and I have found a personal trainer / nutritionist (her name is also Natalie) and we are bowed and determined to be healthier and stronger this year. 

My motivation? I turned 30 in December and I'm facing the harsh reality that my physical health needs to be addressed. I've spent the past 5 years working diligently on my mental health (5 years sober! woo hoo)... and I finally feel ready to take on my physical health.

All that to say - we've been living in gym clothes this month. We were inspired by our fitness aspirations for our January Editorial

I call this look "ME in athleisure form." Even though this look is a far cry from my usual denim uniform, I found a few ways to make it feel like my style:

  • First of all, the color palette is black + white + a pop of random color (never fails)
  • Second of all, obviously this is a sporty look (I mean, I'm wearing a sports bra and joggers), BUT I decided to pair it with these cool AF fishnet pumps because I am just not the girl who wants to wear sneakers all day. I just love heels too much to limit myself to sneakers. 
  • I know I'm not super fit yet, but I love a good crop top + high waisted pants situation — so this is my sporty version of that.
  • That "cut off" sweatshirt is a really interesting layer (and was oddly quite comfortable)
  • Pink Puffer Jacket (enough said)
  • Note: I have pretty big bust, so I chose this sports bra which has a mesh panel where the cleavage should be so I felt comfortable — excellently placed mesh ;)
  • Last, I won't lie.. I built this entire look around that spiked water bottle...

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French Macarons by WE THE BIRDS

Hair by Stephen Jaime


Black Cut-out Front Sweatshirt | Missguided

White Sports Bra | Alo

Black Joggers with White Stripe | Missguided

Pink Oversized Puffer Jacket | Missguided

Black Fish Net Pumps | Missguided

White Spike Water Bottle | bkr

Silver Neoprene Tote Bag | All Fenix

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