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Sisters, Sarah + Natalie Knowlton, are the founders of WE THE BIRDS — a lifestyle brand and specialty French macaron bakery. We grew up all over the world, moving over 17 times and living in many countries including: Singapore, Australia, Venezuela, France and of course, the US of A.  We were in constant "flight" and at some point, we started referring to ourselves as “birds.” Our personal style and global perspective is a reflection of our transient upbringing. We have formed the belief that we, the people, connect with one another by celebrating the differences that make each of us unique and we relate to one another through our universal human experience— same but different, we are all "birds of a feather."

In 2015, Natalie joined Sarah in Dallas, TX where we set down digital roots by founding WE THE BIRDS inspired by a shared love of fashion, design & travel. What started as a creative outlet for two sisters to merge their interests, has blossomed into a multi-faceted business merging our different talents. Sarah’s professional background (with industry experience in fashion, design, & photography) combined with Natalie’s culinary prowess and professional business experience makes us a uniquely dynamic duo.


same but different, we're all birds.

We created WE THE BIRDS as a platform to spark & ignite our own creativity. Our goal is to establish WE THE BIRDS as an outstanding source of inspiration known for celebrating personal style & individuality while honoring our universal humanity. We want to inspire and empower every human to explore and experiment with their personal style (which we we believe ultimately  develops a stronger sense of self).

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Content Creators

We specialize in creating high-quality visual content and leveraging our reach to promote a curated selection of partners. As influencers, we offer our partners the ability to market their products on our platform(s) by activating our established reach and dedicated following. Additionally, under Sarah's creative direction, we produce all content in-house. We have cultivated and trained a small team of creative professionals which allows us to offer our partners services akin to those of a boutique creative agency.

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French Macarons

A French macaron bakery specializing in custom orders, bespoke gifts and high-end catering for events. Our specialty French macarons are inspired by seasonal trends and innovative flavor profiles— they are as delicious as they are beautiful. All our macarons are naturally gluten-free, using the highest quality ingredients (with no added preservatives) and handcrafted in small batches to ensure optimal freshness. We aim to deliver an elevated macaron experience to all of our customers. Currently serving the DFW area.  Nationwide shipping coming soon…

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Co-Founder & Macaron Director

Prior to founding WE THE BIRDS, her professional experience was in accounting/finance. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, she fell in love with French macarons (because they are a naturally, gluten-free dessert). She spent several years mastering the delicate art of making macarons and developing her own unique recipe. Natalie fancies herself more of a "foodie" than a baker. Nonetheless, she is the founder and creator of WE THE BIRDS | Macarons recipe and is known for creating innovative flavor profiles. In her role as Macaron Director, she leads our team of talented bakers.

Aquarius, Foodie, Believer, Traveler, Rationalist, Runner, Optimist, Asia-Lover, Gluten-Free Eater, Saver, Imbiber, Do-Gooder...

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Co-Founder & Creative Director

Sarah is the visionary behind the brand's identity and visual content. She leads WE THE BIRDS’ creative department and has cultivated a small team of talented creative producers. In her role as Creative Director, she also oversees the design and visual production of WE THE BIRDS | Macarons. Sarah's credibility in the creative industry is backed by her degree in Fine Art accompanied by her professional experience in fashion, graphic design & photography.

Sagittarius, Magic Seeker, Legolas Lover, Graphic Designer, Shopping Addict, Reality-TV Buff, Hair Changer, Junk Food Eater, Dreamer, Mythology Buff, See-Gooder.........

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Creative Assistant & Photographer

Being born and raised in a small East Texas town, the city was calling my name. I made the move to Dallas in the fall of 2016. Shortly after, I met the ‘birds” and everything fell into place. Having started two personal businesses of my own, I knew I needed to be in a creative setting surrounded by like-minds. With prior knowledge of photography, I landed the internship which lead to full time. I am now the Creative Assistant/ Photographer for WE THE BIRDS. My overwhelming love of fashion and all things artistic inspires what I bring to the table everyday. Follow me on Instagram!

artist. fashion obsessed. thrift store regular. lover. friend to all. smiles constantly. woman of faith. Sarah calls me a saint because I was born on All Saint's Day.

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